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Esra Tunc

Esra TuncOffice: AL-672 | Email: [email protected]

Esra Tunc is an ethnographer of religion and racial capitalism, and her work interrogates contemporary Islamic and ethical financial technologies, while exploring alternative socialities based on care and liberating solidarity. She is a former postdoctoral research associate at the John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics at Washington University in St. Louis. She earned her Ph.D. from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2022 and her M.A. from New York University in 2017, both in religious studies. Her book project, “Unjust Capital: Muslim Investing in the United States,” examines the innovation of financial capitalism among Muslim communities in the United States. Bringing religion and capital into conversation with feminist critiques of capitalism and Black radical traditions, her project aims to contribute to not only scholarly work at the intersection of religion, capital, justice, and technology but also the search to imagine and implement alternative socialities amidst widely criticized products and systems within and beyond Muslim communities.