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About Our Programs

The academic study of religion is central to the creation of a community of world citizens. Our program is designed for students who live in a pluralistic society and who wish to investigate the role religions play in human life and society.  Because religion has contributed to the human story of almost every culture, it is difficult to understand human behavior or to interpret world events without grasping how religion helped to shape them.

We offer a major and minor in Study of Religion.  Students study in four primary areas.  Courses in Texts, Traditions, Theories and Methods, and Critical Issues give a broad background for understanding religion as it functions in society and in the lives of individuals.

Our students gain global awareness in a religiously plural world. The curriculum is designed to help students use the study of religion to analyze modern national and international issues. They enter a variety of fields that require advanced skills in critical thinking, analysis, and writing. Alumni are working in the fields of healthcare, education, business, law, nonprofit organizations, the Peace Corps, sustainable agriculture, religion, and other areas of endeavor.

What can I do with a major in religious studies?

A degree in Study of Religion prepares students for any career that requires critical thinking, analysis, oral and written communication skills, and the ability to reflect on questions of meaning and value. Our majors find themselves well prepared for careers requiring imagination, problem solving, communication, self-understanding, and awareness of human diversity.

Many of our majors go on to careers in law, teaching, medicine, counseling, social work, conflict resolution, international business, foreign service, journalism, various ministries and other careers in non-profit organizations and public service. Our department also prepares majors to continue at the advanced graduate level in a variety of fields related to the Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Law.

It is important to keep in mind that your major does not necessarily dictate your career. Many things will contribute to your employability: well-chosen summer internships, level of academic performance in your field, work experience, volunteering, involvement in campus leadership and organizational responsibilities, and a well-tended network of contacts. 

For more information, please visit the SDSU Career Services website or the What Can I Do With This Major? website.

For more information about the Study of Religion major or minor, please contact the advisor.


Professor Roy Whitaker

Office: AL-670
Email: [email protected]

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