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Conference Schedule

[This schedule is tentative.]

Location: SDSU Campus, Love Libary (LL), Room 430/431 (Leon Williams Room)
and via Zoom (Register to for Zoom link)

9:00 Opening Remarks

Risa Levitt, SDSU


9:30-11:00 Session 1

Session Chair - Brad Kirkegaard, SDSU

  • On Studying NRMs in San Diego, Part 1—the Department for the Study of Religion at SDSU: Rebecca Moore, SDSU
  • On Studying NRMs in San Diego, Part 2—Special Collections at the SDSU Library: Anna Culbertson, SDSU
  • Race, Atheism, and NRM in San Diego: Roy Whitaker, SDSU


11:00-11:15 Break 


11:15-12:45 Session 2 

Session Chair - Angela Feres, SDSU

  • Unarius: Diane Tumminia, California State University, Sacramento
  • Rosicrucianism/Healing: Holly Folk, Western Washington University
  • Jehovah’s Witnesses: Massimo Introvigne, CESNUR (Turin, Italy)


12:45- 2:00 Lunch Break


2:00-3:30 Session 3                                       

Session Chair: Walter Penrose, SDSU

  • Guru Movements/Hindu Communities: Sthaneshwar Timalsina, SDSU
  • Tenrikyo: From Tenri City to San Diego: Kirk Sandvig, SDSU
  • Yoga Communities: Drew Thomases, SDSU  


3:30-3:45 Break 


3:45-5:15 Session 4                                         

Session Chair: Sandra Wawrytko, SDSU

  • Scientology Origins in San Diego: Donald Westbrook, University of Texas, Austin
  • Theosophy: Mickael Ashcraft, Truman State University
  • Terri Cole Whitaker/New Thought: Constance Jones, California Institute of Integral Studies


5:15 Closing Remarks              

Gordon Melton, Baylor University


5:30-6:00 Reception


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Conference Contact

Dr. Roy Whitaker | [email protected]